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Things to do When in Reveries Maldives

Home to Laamu Atoll, Reveries Maldives started their business in 2012 and has been welcoming guests to some of the best spots to dive and surf since then. As highly expected those activities are, there is still so much more to do in Reveries Maldives apart from those.

Excursions: there is a myriad of activities to choose from the adventure holiday tour package:

-Island Safari

-Bicycle Excursions

-Picnic Excursion

-Star Wars Sightseeing

-Private Beach BBQ

-Candle Light Dinner

-Kayak Tours

-Private Island Excursion at Bokkaifushi

-Resort Day Visit

Big Game Fishing: guests can also watch a wide array of marine life apart from just fishing.

Surfing: best known for surfing amongst the guests visiting to Maldives, Reveries Maldives has surfing options for everyone. The Reveries Scuba Zone Team will take the guests to amazing surfing spots, namely ‘Machine’, ‘Ishdoo Bank’, and ‘Ying-Yang’.

Diving: perfect for divers of all levels, the 11 diving sites offered by Reveries Maldives is available throughout the whole year. With a beautiful marine life, this is a must do for every guest visiting Reveries Maldives.

Having an underwater world to die for, Reveries Maldives aims to be the best experience of Maldives both above and under the sea.

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