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Etihad Airways Collaborates with Chef Khaled Alsaadi to Offer Contemporary Iftar Meals During Ramadan

Etihad Airways, the national airline and award-winning airline of the UAE, has announced its specially curated inflight iftar menu available for guests throughout the holy month of Ramadan. The airline’s culinary design team has collaborated with Emirati Chef Khaled Alsaadi to create a selection of traditional Ramadan dishes infused with authentic Emirati recipes.

Etihad’s regular hot meal service will be complemented by the iftar meals aboard and guests will have the chance to enjoy sumptuous dishes such as Saffron curry crusted seabream, Lamb shank with black lime jus, Lentil soup, and Machboos chicken ciabatta sandwich. Additional delicacies include Chaami & beetroot salad, Aseeda cheesecake, and Saffron pot de crème with batheeta crumble, among other specialties.

Guests who sample Etihad’s inflight meals can reimagine the experience at home with a suite of bespoke recipes available online. They can also scan the QR codes placed at the bottom of the onboard menu to access the delicious recipes. The Ramadan menu will be provided across all cabins on selected flights that coincide with iftar times. This includes flights to and from the Gulf countries and flights catering to Umrah groups traveling to Jeddah during the holy month.

Etihad’s lounges at Abu Dhabi International Airport will also offer Ramadan dishes and beverages, and guests can make use of the dedicated prayer rooms available in the lounges. Passengers who will be breaking their fast prior to departure or soon after landing will be provided with takeaway iftar bags containing dates, a drink, and a snack.

In alignment with the spirit of Ramadan, Etihad’s inflight entertainment system, E-box, will feature a collection of Ramadan-friendly content in addition to the customary recordings of the Holy Quran and the Mecca Qibla pointer available always onboard.

Turky Alhammadi, Head of Product & Hospitality, Etihad Airways, said: “Our continued collaboration with Chef Khaled brings together his culinary skills with a distinctive modern take on local dishes, working hand in hand with our culinary design team. We hope that our guests will enjoy this specially curated menu during their flight in the holy month. We look forward to hosting our guests and encourage everyone traveling with Etihad to savor these Ramadan specials.”

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