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Exploring tiger sharks at Fuvahmulah should be on every adventurer’s bucket list!

The Tiger Shark resides in tropical and temperate waters and can be identified by the dark lines on their bodies. Known for eating almost anything, they are often called the ‘Garbage bins of the ocean’. Fuvahmulah offers the best spots, namely Tiger Zoo, in Maldives for those who are committed to experiencing the Tiger Sharks up close.

Tiger Zoo is a dive site in Fuvahmulah where these beauties can be seen all year round no matter the season or current, making it very popular amongst the visitors. This site being rich in tiger sharks have to do with the fish waste being dumped in the area, hence why they come to feed on the local tuna fishery’s remains.

Fuvahmulah is home to almost 200 tiger sharks and all of them are predators by nature, so this is not to be treaded lightly. Safe diving will be ensured in every diving spot and it is also important that the sharks are treated with respect and not disturbed for this matter.

Around 10 different tiger sharks can be seen in a single dive and an average of 4 tiger sharks by the divers who go diving liveaboard for deeper dives. The feeling of being scared while simultaneously admiring the beauty of these sharks is an experience like no other and it’s no wonder that Fuvahmulah is the best place in Maldives to experience this.

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