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3 Must-See Places in Shaviyani Narudhoo in 2022

Narudhoo, is one picturesque island, located in Shaviyani Atoll about 233.2 kilometers from Male’s airport and is home to around 670 people.

The island is a lovely getaway that offers the ideal mix between lifestyle and convenience.

It is quite easy to get from Male Airport. You may catch a flight to N.Maafaru and simply board a speed boat and enjoy the 20-35-minute voyage to this lovely island. or you may just hop on to a speed boat from the Capital city of the Maldives; Male’ and relish a four-hour journey to this gorgeous island.

Before you depart for your vacation here is a list of places you must see on Narudhoo Island durring your stay in this small Local Island.

Get That Gorgeous Tan on the Beaches All Around the Island!

Narudhoo island is geographically unique in that it has beaches all around it. Because it is an Islamic island, there are rigorous cultural norms that all visitors must respect and follow. As a result, wearing bikinis and other similar swimwear is prohibited. However, you are free to spend a carefree day at the beach. Narudhoo has an extensive beach area to offer with beautiful white sand all around, its safe to say that your dream morning brunch at the beach can come true here! Get the perfect tan while swimming in the island’s crystal blue seas.

Banana Field Tour: Have a Look Around!

A visit to the Maldives is not complete unless you go island hopping. This island’s banana field is a natural source. The colors generated by the banana field are truly magnificent, with different shades of green blending together to create a beauty unlike any other. Make certain that you are led to the banana plantations when you sign up for an island trip. You will be able to delve into the lush greenery that surrounds the banana trees. You could even get a taste of freshly picked bananas if you’re lucky.

Simple but good dining options

Surprisingly, there are two nice cafes on Narudhooi island where you may dine wonderfully. Goodmeal Café’ is an indoor café, whereas Ichiban Cafe’ offers both indoor and outdoor dining. Both restaurants feature moderate rates and excellent cuisine, and dining outside in the fresh air is the usual.

As the country’s whole population is Muslim, the island of Narudhoo also has a mosque, Masjid- al Anwari. All of the cuisine on the island is also Halal.

This is your calling to visit and explore the tiny but beautiful local island, Shaviyani Atoll Narudhoo!

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