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What makes Alif Dhaal Dhigurah one of the top 3 halal islands of Maldives

Located 96km southeast of capital city Male’ in southern Ari Atoll of Maldives lies the island of Dhigurah. Dhigurah which literally translates to ‘long island’ in Dhivehi language is the longest island in the country. Like New Jersey in the United States has a Long Beach Island, Dhigurah is Maldives’ ‘long beach island’. The island is 300m wide and almost 4km long as it narrows in a southward direction with a sandbank at the end.

With a population of around 600 people who are Muslims, Dhigurah has all the necessities needed such as schools, hospital, shops and souvenir shops, mosque, and an Island office. The people of Dhigurah are committed to mostly fishing, and boat building and wood working.

Dhigurah has lots of features that makes the island a popular local tourist destination in the Maldives. An atoll known for its magnificent underwater life, especially whale sharks, there’s so many species of marine life to explore from an arm’s length. Many whale sharks, manta rays, vibrant coral reefs, all kinds of groupers, clown fishes, starfishes, sea turtles and mollusks are just some of the creatures that can be seen from the underwaters of Dhigurah. It is home to more than a 1000 species of fish and other marine creatures. This is the most perfect place for scuba divers and marine life enjoyers.

Nearby Dhigurah, a beautiful lagoon resides where whale sharks often swim. Guests can make use of one the dive centers located on the island and go to one of the more than 30 dive sites marked nearby Dhigurah where they can swim with the whale sharks for an experience of a lifetime. Divers of all skill levels are welcome at Dhigurah. Guests can also take a paid day trip to one of the nearby resorts such as LUX* Resort or Sun Island Resort.

Dhigurah has some of the best local hotels and guest houses opened in the country. Some of the properties have 20+ rooms and are huge in comparison to hotels in other local islands. All properties are 100% halal with no pork or alcohol content in the food that is served. High quality services and dive centers or packages are available from almost all of them, namely, Sands Inn, Boutique Beach All Inclusive Dining Hotel and TME Retreats Dhigurah.

The island of Dhigurah is one of the cleanest islands in the country in more ways than one, as the crime rate in the island is zero making it a very peaceful destination where guests have nothing to worry about. Guests can get to the island by either a 6-hour ferry ride with stops in between, a 2-hour speed boat ride or a 20-minute domestic flight to Maamigili Airport followed by 30-minutes of getting to Dhigurah from there.

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