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Villa Hotels & Resorts wins Agoda’s Customer Review Award

All 3 properties of Villa Hotels and Resorts, Sun Island, Paradise Island, and Royal Island have won the 2022 Agoda Customer Review Award. Villa Hotels and Resorts have shown a steady commitment in delivering authentic and from-the-heart hospitality.

Millions of Agoda customers travel to destinations around the world and share their experiences and views on the website every year. These reviews are not taken lightly as other travelers review it when looking to book their next stay.

This Agoda Customer Review Award is proof of the passion, commitment and hard work of Villa Hotels and Resorts to stand out and offer exceptional and sincere service even during the most difficult times. They value the shared experiences and written reviews on the Agoda website and strive to inspire and leave a lasting impression on everyone who visits their properties.

Villa Hotels and Resorts have also been awarded the Green Key certification for Sun Island and Royal Island, proving their commitment to sustainability, and proving further assurance for environmentally conscious travelers. All their guests are also invited to support them in their energy and water-saving initiatives, taking part in their clean-ups, and recycle to conserve the natural environment. This way guests get to experience a more immersive adventure and a deeper connection with the Maldives nature during their trip.

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