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JEN Maldives Male’ by Shangri-La spends the day with the children of Fiyavathi orphanage

Before the academic year began last week, the staff of JEN Maldives took the time out of their hectic schedules to bring a smile to the faces of the children at Fiyavathi orphanage.

Fun game stalls, stationaries, food and drinks, and gift packs were brought by the JEN Maldives team to the kids of Fiyavathi. The day started in the afternoon where the hotel staffs were welcomed by the chief executive officer of Fiyavathi, Zeena Gasim.

The general manager of JEN Maldives by Shangri-La, Brice Lunot, said that “We think it’s been great to bring a fun day for these kids during the school holidays, we have brought a little cheer to the children and helped to brighten their life, it was very astonishing to see the sparkles appearing in the children’s eyes and our team have been touched by this and it has made them better people.”

Maldives’ Gender Ministry funds the Fiyavathi orphanage through donations. Fiyavathi is home to over 100 children who are 18 years and younger who have been abandoned, deprived, neglected or in some cases even abused. All Fiyavathi kids go to school and have dreams and hopes like any other.

This act of JEN Maldives made everyone at the event realize their social responsibilities, and created value by providing a carefree afternoon, full of laughter all around.

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